Gravure Lamination and Coating

HR Technologies has the capability to adhesively bond two layers of flexible rolled goods together using a Gravure style coating roller lamination process.  This is an extremely economical and ecofriendly bonding process with a large range of adhesive flexibility.   Our laminate composites will meet the most stringent OEM bond, flammability and environmental specifications.  No order is too small or large for our facility.  Our machines are capable of processing small single roll orders up to the largest high volume continuous roll orders you may require!

Unlike flame lamination the Gravure lamination process maintains an open airflow bond layer.  If air flow and acoustics are important, then HR Technologies Gravure lamination process may be exactly what you need.

The Gravure process is also used for coating rolled textiles or composites with a wide variety of available adhesives.  Our coated products have the potential to eliminate costly and messy spray adhesives from our customers’ facilities. Call us to discuss how we can help you save money and improve plant working conditions.

Rotogravure Lamination

Typical Products

Textile Lamination
Textile Lamination Products
Adhesive Coatings, Films, Webs & PSA’s
Adhesives coatings, films, and webs
Absorbers and Damping Products
Application - PVC Laminated Abosorber Damping Composite

Process parameters:

  • Speed
  • Pressure
  • Pattern coating – 10gsm to 100gsm adhesive weight
  • Fullcover coating – 10gsm to 100gsm adhesive weight

Typical Process Inputs:

  • Facing Materials (Input 1) – PVC / PUR synthetic leather, automotive interiors body cloth, carpet, non-woovens, other “A surface” rolled goods
  • Backing Materials (Input 2) – Open cell foams, Closed cell foams, Polyether or Polyester PU reticulated foams, PET fiber, PET Pointbond/spunbond, other rolled materials
  • Hotmelt Adhesives
  • Reactive Urethane Adhesive (PUR)
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Adhesive(EVA)
  • PSA (Pressure sensitive adhesive) Rubber and Acrylic (PSA)