Semi-Rigid Polyurethane Foam Processing

HR Technologies specializes in semi-rigid polyurethane foam blocks specifically designed for the lightweight core layer used in the headliner, sunshade, and under hood applications.

HR Technologies can supply slit to size foam sheets, or Thermoformable TRU composite boards. Our slitting and lamination equipment is capable of holding the extremely tight tolerances needed by our customers hot and cold mold forming processes.

Foam Slitting Process:

1PU Foam Blocks:
Semi Rigid Pu Blocks
2PU Foam Block Prep:
2 PU Foam Block Prep
3PU Foam Block Prep:
3 PU Foam Block Prep
5PU Foam Sheet Inspection & Packing:
5 PU Foam Sheet Inspection & Packing

Typical Products

PU Foam Sheets
PU Foam Sheets
TRU Boards
TRU Board 1