Polyurethane Structural Foam

HR Technologies specializes in the production and sheeting of semi rigid core foam for use in automotive interiors structural components.  When combined with fiberglass chopped strand mats and adhesives our foams help create the strength necessary to support today’s modern day overhead systems.  Our foam chemistry has a proven track record in automotive and commercial vehicle interiors.

Lower density foams are available for under hood sound absorption applications.  When combined with adhesives and scrims, our hoodliner composites can be thermoformed into aesthetically pleasing and excellent sound absorption engine compartments components. These components meet the toughest OEM flammability requirements.

Available Products:

PU Semi Rigid Foam Blocks or Sheets
  • 1.0pcf to 2.75pcf densities
  • Structural PU layer for headliners, sunshades, and hoodliners
  • Can be used in both cold and hot mold forming processes
  • Available in blocks and/or sheets 5mm to 25mm thick
PU Hoodliner / Sunshade Foam
PU Hoodliner / Sunshade Foam
PU Semi Rigid Foam Composites for Hoodliners
  • 1.0pcf to 1.5pcf densities
  • Available in sheets 10-25 mm thick
  • Can meet rigorous flammability requirements
  • Can be thermally formed in both hot and cold molding processes
PU Acoustic Hoodliner Foam
PU Acoustic Hoodliner Foam
PU Semi Rigid TRU Boards
  • 100% vertically integrated composite board manufacturer.  Our Thermo-formable (TRU) sandwich boards incorporate our in-house chopped fiberglass tech mat technology.  We can laminate chopped glass, adhesive films, PU foam, and scrims together in a single pass lamination process!
  • 1.9pcf to 2.75pcf density foam is combined with chopped strand E-glass, adhesives films, powder binders, and scrims to meet your strength requirements.
  • Our TRU boards are designed for use in cold mold forming processes
  • Typical thickness of 7-10mm
  • Typical composite weights of 800-1600gsm
Thermoformable Foam & Fiberglass Composites (TRU)
Multi Layer Lamination Thermoformable Structural Trim Boards (2)
Thermoformable Foam & Fiberglass Composites (TRU)


HR Tech Advantage:
  • Certified Minority Company
  • Customized solutions available upon request
  • HR Technologies have relationships with several well-known chemical systems providers to help find the right solutions for our customers.
  • Our formulations have proven track records in the automotive industry and come with technical support staff.
  • Made in the USAMade in the USA

Typical Markets & Applications:

  • Headliners
  • Sunshades / Moon Roofs
  • Hoodliners
  • Under hood absorbers
Application - Headliner 1
Application - Automotive Sunshade 1