Thermal Protection Composites

HR Technologies specializes in the production of multilayer foil faced heat shielding composites.  Our unique lamination capabilities gives HRT the ability to laminate foil, adhesives, and insulating layers in a single pass.  HR Tech thermal protection solutions are designed to manage heat where clearance space is limited.  Our products can be die cut to shape and adhered in place using an aggressive adhesive package.  Contact us with your problem and let us find a solution!

Available Products:

Foil Faced Composites
  • Typical aluminum foil thickness .001” to .005”
  • Composites bonded with high heat resistant adhesives
  • High tack, high heat acrylic PSA backings available
HRT Heat Shield Products
HRT Heat Shield Products1

Typical Markets & Applications:

Thermal protection – Automotive, RV, Military, Commercial Vehicle, Marine
  • Under hood / Engine Covers
  • Under body
  • HVAC
  • Fuel tanks
  • Interior cabin
Thermal Protection – Industrial
  • Commercial Grade Kitchen vent systems
  • Generators
  • Engine Compartments / Engine Rooms
  • Other industrial applications where heat protection is required


HR Tech Advantage:
  • Certified Minority Company
  • Customized solutions to meet your customer specific requirements
  • Multilayer composite solutions typically laminated in one pass process for lower cost processing
  • Made in the USAMade in the USA
Available with a wide variety of insulators
  • Chopped strand E-glass
  • Lofted needled fiberglass
  • Woven fiberglass textiles
  • Lofted or felted PET
  • Melamine foam
Fiberglass Insulators
Heat Shield Insulation Layers