Flatbed Belt Lamination

HR Technologies has 20+ years of thermoplasctic belt lamination experience.   All of our flatbed machines are double belt laminators with both heating and cooling zones for precision lamination and excellent bonds.  Our equipment has been modified to handle even the toughest multilayer lamination requests in rolls, sheets, or pieces.  Our technical experts are up for any technical composite challenge you can dream up!

Our equipment is very versatile. It’s not only for creating unique multilayer composites, but it can also be used to thermoset materials to customer specific thickness requirements. HR Technologies has the capability to lock in material thicknesses by using our flatbed belt press process. If thickness control and tight tolerances are important we just might be your solution!


Typical Products

Fiberglass Chopped Strand Products
Fiberglass Chopped Strand Products
Multi-Layer Composite Lamination
Multi Layer Lamination - 6 Layer Airflow Management (3)
Thermal Protection Composites
Thermal Protection Composites
Consolidation and Heat Setting
Consolidation & Heat Setting
Adhesive Coatings, Films, Webs & PSA’s
Adhesives coatings, films, and webs
Absorbers and Damping Products
Absorbers & Damping Products
Our equipment processing parameters can be dialed in to meet your most stringent requirements. HR Technologies has the expertise to hold crucial thickness while meeting your tough specifications.

Process parameters:

  • Temperature
  • Speed
  • Pressure
  • Gap
  • Height

Typical Process Inputs

  • E glass roving’s
  • Thermoplastic adhesives
    • – Scatter powder adhesives
    • – Adhesive & Barrier Films
    • – Web adhesives
  • Carrier substrate – Textiles, Open Cell foams, Closed cell foams, reticulated foams, PET fiber, PET Pointbond/spunbond, foils, others
  • PSA (Pressure sensitive adhesive)  – Rubber and Acrylic
  • Multiple inputs – Capable of up to 6 inputs in one process pass!