Adhesives Coatings, Films, Webs & PSA’s

HR Technologies specializes in finding the most cost effective thermoplastic adhesive options for your project.  We work with the industry leading adhesive manufacturers to bring our customers a diverse portfolio of adhesive lamination and back coating options.  HR Tech will create customized solutions using webs, films, powders, or hot melts to meet your specific processing needs.

Hot Melts
Films, Webs, and Powders

Available Products:

Adhesive & barrier films:  PE, EVA, PP, TPU, CoPA, CoPES, and PES films
Adhesive Coatings and Backings - Adhesive Films
Adhesive Coatings and Backings - Barrier Films (2)
Scatter powder adhesives: Thermoplastic powders
Scatter powder adhesives: Thermoplastic powders
Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA)
Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA)
Web adhesives: CoPA, CoPES, Polyolefin, PP, PU
Adhesive Coatings and Backings - Web Adhesive 1
Adhesive Coatings and Backings - web adhesive 2
Back Coating – Hot melt, Polyurethane reactive adhesives (PUR), and Ethylene-vinyl acetate adhesives (EVA)
Application - Lamination & Hot Melt Coating -Molded Door Bolster
Adhesive Coatings and Backings - Hot Melt Coating


HR Tech Advantage:

  • Certified Minority Company
  • Strong relationships with industry leading adhesive manufactures allows for quick product recommendations and response time
  • Rapid prototype capability
  • Customized solutions available upon request
  • Made in the USAMade in the USA